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03/24/2017 09:37 AM
What to Consider Before Starting a Beauty Salon
Several people start their beauty salon, but don't get successful due to a lack of knowledge. Below are some factors to consider before starting a beauty salon. You need to make a realistic budget, and decide how much money your business will need each month. This should include payroll, rent, licensing, material, equipment, overhead charges, and some extra amount for emergency funds. Figure out the amount you need to earn each month. You will need some savings during the first year of your business to meet different expenses.
03/23/2017 04:28 PM
Right Now Is the Best Time To Become Your Own Boss
There has never been a better time to live the self-employed life. Workplace and employment research indicate how market trends, demographics, political imperatives and advances in technology will likely impact the global workforce over the coming years and recent indications are that self-employment has significant momentum. "The picture for freelancers is very good. It's going to be a huge area going forward."
03/23/2017 11:41 AM
The Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs You Must Know About
When it comes to having innovative startups popping up in many different business areas, young entrepreneurs can definitely not be underrated at all. It is because there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who have been quite much in the news to have striking ideas with bright practical minds to offer a lot to the ever evolving world in order to cater to its growing needs. There are many names of these young entrepreneurs who are seriously the ones to watch out for. These entrepreneurs have the right approach, the best ideas, and all of the passion that is needed to bring the best of smart innovations for all.
03/23/2017 08:36 AM
How To Start A Business From Scratch
If I were to start a business from scratch today, the first place I would start is not with what form my business should take. Everything in business should flow from one place: the customer. What the customer wants, how much he or she is willing to pay, how we will solve the customer's problem, and so forth. If we start an S corporation or an LLC can be thought about and done later on.
03/22/2017 02:14 PM
How to Start a Medical Marijuana Business in California
Before 2016, medical marijuana dispensaries were regulated only at the local level by County and City governments. In 2015 and 2016, we now have some new laws that regulate the medical marijuana business in California. These laws including licensing laws that apply to both cannabis dispensaries and recreational marijuana businesses. Persons looking into the medical marijuana business and who want to obtain these new licenses should review this article for further details about what steps they need to take to obtain these important licenses.
03/20/2017 10:07 AM
Entrepreneurial Kit
Do you know that the economic system is fast demanding entrepreneurship? Recession prompts a direct inclination toward entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up businesses or ventures with the aim of making profit.
03/17/2017 11:08 AM
Competitive Advantage
Everyone has competitors. Do you know yours? You need to understand what gives her an edge over you. It's probably just customer service, a better knowledge of the product or service, promo given to customers etc. You can achieve this by paying a visit to your competitor as a potential customer. Now you must learn to focus on your own advantage eventually. There is something that other business is doing that you are not doing, locate it and focus on it. Small businesses fail to compete against bigger firms because they want to compete with the bigger firm on what the big firm is known for. They do not have to do that, they will continue to fail if they do that.
03/14/2017 11:16 AM
Meet Marcie Miller, Founder & Owner, The Little Pie Kitchen & Texas Mompreneur
In this article, you'll learn about Marcie's baking company based in Dallas, Texas. She's definitely a mompreneur you want to follow!
03/10/2017 02:46 PM
Five Solid, Powerful Tools for Entrepreneurs and Lightworkers to Turn Up Your Light
These five tools for generating more buzz, shining brighter and attracting more people into your business are easy to start and initiate, today. Take inspired action now to achieve the results and break through the obstacles that may have haunted you in the past.
03/10/2017 08:48 AM
Why You Are Limiting Your Small Business
There's a few reasons why your small business isn't doing as well as it could. But if you're the hub of your business, you're also the limiting factor. If you always keep on doing what you have always done, you will always keep on getting the same results.
03/09/2017 12:02 PM
3 Rules for 2017 Success in Business
As I close my third year in business, I reflect on 2016 with a lot of lessons learned. Now I don't want to bore you with lots of writing (and hence lots of reading on your part) but I do want to start by saying, if you want to be successful in your business in 2017 you will need to ask YOURSELF these questions RIGHT NOW!.
03/08/2017 10:59 AM
Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Pressure Washing Business
Are you fascinated with the idea of starting a pressure washing trade? You must have perhaps heard that pressure washing is a decent and worthwhile business, low investment and easy to start - and that's what must have inspired your decision. Decent? Well, it is, but when it comes to providing quality services - the business is not just about purchasing and installing a pressure washer.
03/08/2017 09:09 AM
Overcoming the 6 Biggest Fears of Business Ownership
Being an entrepreneur isn't just for the courageous. It's for those who are willing to embrace their fears and work through them.
03/07/2017 08:14 AM
How to Start a Bookkeeping Business - What Services Can You Provide?
When starting a bookkeeping business you may not think about offering anything other than bookkeeping services. This could reduce your revenue in the long run as clients turn more and more to people who can provide multiple areas of value to their business.
03/06/2017 11:06 AM
Starting Your Own Jewelry Business
Earn extra income by starting your own jewelry design company. Do your research and follow these steps.

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